I think the best way to describe what CMK Sporting Goods is about is to simply say, “you”.

CMK stands for Chris, Miller, Kathy. We are a family of athletes who just want to help others get the products or services they need to continue in sports. We try to be as knowledgeable as we can, and always try to provide the best advise to customers, even if it means they will buy somewhere else.

With the internet supplying people with a great deal of choices for both equipment and pricing, CMK goes the extra step and provides knowledge. We are a family, with a budget like most others so we know not to push the more expense product if it’s not needed. No hard sell, no gimmicks, we try to keep prices low to get you what you need.

CMK is a home based business, that will come to you provided you are in a reasonable area. We often go out to meet people who just want to see or demo a product, with no sale in mind. This is what sets CMK apart from the internet, or big box stores. We try to make buying sports equipment a better experience for our customers.

For You

CMK Sporting Goods

Give Yourself A Chance To Be Great

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