We carry mostly protective equipment for football. We stock mouth guards, gloves, chin pads and under garments to help keep you safe.

Mouth Guards come in good, better and best. Good is the basic guard given out by the team. They meet minimum requirements and mostly protect dentil work. Better has more padding at the molars and Best Protect the upper and lower jaw separately.

I typically have Good guards in stock for organizations or inexpensive sales. Typical pricing $1-$3 ea.

My Better options are from MOGO, Sport Star and Brain Pad. MOGO is a flavored mouth guard, All are dual density “thicker on the molars”. Typical pricing $10-$15 ea.

The Best Option we carry is from Brain Pad. (pictured) These protect both the upper and lower jaw and allow a passageway for better breathing. Typical pricing $12-$20

Chin Straps

We only sell Sport Star chin straps. They are the best in the business.

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