Uniforms For 3 Levels of Play

The truth is, there are too many uniform options to list. CMK can provide uniforms from A4, Augusta, High Five, Rawlings and Russel Athletic. We will help with design and give the best pricing we can. Uniforms for different levels of Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. Please call or write to go over options. Thank You.

Youth Uniforms

This category would apply to Little League, Dixie, Pony, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, and other leagues with kids aging up to 14. Basic Uniforms.

Travel Uniforms

Travel Ball like AAU or American Legion tend to use stronger material, and generally need a lot of logo options. Set Up charges always hurt the budget, but let’s see what we can do.

School Uniforms

High School and Twilight Leagues will need the strongest, longest lasting materials. They tend to use the uniforms year after year. Reversible is always an option.

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