Custom Work

First and Foremost! Custom Work Takes Time!! Plan on 4-5 weeks for a custom glove or bat. Typical turn around time is 3 weeks, but issues can occur. I have to rely on the vender form most custom work, so it’s hard for me to guarantee turn around time.

CMK uses three glove brands for customization. Rawlings, Akadema, and Glovesmith. All have been in the business for a long time. As far as which is “best”? They are all good. Very good.

Rawlings offers the most options. Akadema offers a light weight Kip Leather glove, and Glovesmith offers and American Made glove.

Dream Bats and Akadema supply my custom wood bats. A custom wood bat gives you options for barrel. handle, lettering and logo color. Obviously you can choose the model and wood species as well. If not sure what to get, Please Call! You can buy the wrong one.

Prices do vary by company of course. Feel free to give me a call to talk about color options, break in, models and pricing.

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