Glove Relacing

CMK will relace a glove in as little as one day. We try to keep common colors in stock like Black, Blue. Red, Tan. We also have Pink and Yellow available.

We lace gloves and mitts, and make repairs if we can. We clean the gloves as well, and try to make it look as new as possible.

A full glove relace is $45. We will replace the old lace is the same width the factory used, unless a special request is made.

We will relace sections of the glove as well. Prices depend on the amount of time and lace needed, but no one section costs more than $15.

CMK is a full service company. We have gone out and laced gloves during a game in local areas. Please give us a call for more information, or if you need some work done.

Chris Koziel 860-227-9941

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