The Rock Basketball

The Rock has a great tacky feel. This is an Indoor Only ball with a deep pebble design and deep groves making the ball easy to handle. The bounce is true, and it retains it’s shape very well. This is my favorite ball by far.

  1. C2C Premium reinforced composite cover with Deep Pebble channel design
  2. Sponge Rubber Carcass
  3. Double-ply Wound Nylon
  4. Reinforced Double Ply Butyl Bladder for Maximum Air Retention
  5. Indoor Only
  6. NFHS Approved

The construction is basically the same as the TF-1000 and the Evolution. The difference is the feel and the price. This ball feels great in your hand. Softer than the TF-1000 but not as spongy as the Evolution. At $50 you can not go wrong!

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